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Who is a Giver?

Stemdom is the future of science and tech sponsorship. For the first time great Global businesses and philanthropists can sponsor incredible Aussie innovators, researchers, educators, education, mathematicians and engineers. 

What is Stemdom? 

A simple software system with a very complex brain to match science and tech sponsor partnerships.

Stemdom delivers intensive sponsorship matching through algorithms across innovation sector, geography, values, demographics, marketing capabilities, gender, age and impact.

Stemdom is sponsorship matching across science, technology, education, farming & agriculture, environment, human advancement and innovation.

Who is a Giver?

In Stemdom there are two parties in sponsorship or partnerships.  A Giver and a Seeker.  If you have resources to invest into innovation and innovator’s, then you are a Giver.

As a Giver, you are the entity who has resources – be this money, product in-kind and/or service in-kind – and want to invest these into an innovation and education.  There are many Giver’s in Australia but there used to be many barriers as to why Giver’s have been unable to immerse into science and tech sponsorship. Until now.

Sponsorship Matching

Stemdom is sponsorship matching for mutual growth. you could help launch a new product, bring a prototype to market, invest into ground breaking research, contribute to scholarships and apprenticeships, find cutting edge innovation that you want to align with. The possibilities are bountiful. Sponsorship just got exciting.

Sponsorship into technology and science is now simplified with Stemdom sponsor matching where we can find your next incredible sponsorship partner.  You can be matched and aligned with our brightest and greatest leaders and opportunities.


How It Works

Stemdom has created a dynamic sponsor matching system for the industry.  For the first time, Stemdom offers you as a Giver the opportunity to utilise an online search tool to do the hard work for you and match you with potential new sponsor partners.

As a Giver, you now have the power to strategically align with potential partners based on the outcomes you are looking to achieve.  This is achieved through your Profile, an intensive deep-dive into who, where, how, what, when and where you want to be aligned.

The process is simple.  Complete your profile, sit back and wait for the matches.  You will be blown away with the incredible Aussie opportunities that you never knew existed.  When a highly aligned match based on your profile criteria is achieved, receive an alert right into your inbox.

Stemdom does the hard work for you.  Leverage your Profile to search for people, businesses and events.  Determine elements include geography, demographics, fields of innovation, achievements, social media requirements and so much more.

Givers use Stemdom

Anonymously, to search for opportunities (if required)

To target new consumer industries that you want to tap into

Strategically enter new communities

Align with innovation and innovators

Launch a new product to a target audience

Increase your brand awareness

Educate a new audience on your brand

Entertain at an event


And so much more once you start your Profile


Smart Givers have also identified that Stemdom is the ultimate filter software for targeted sponsor opportunities.  Promote you are looking for new sponsorship opportunities, direct all applicants to Stemdom.  You don’t have to disclose the criteria for your sponsorship – the Stemdom system will do all this for you.  When potential applicants set up their profile and they are highly aligned with your search criteria – you are matched.  No more unsolicited and generic proposals you bin and ignore.  Just genuine sponsor opportunities. So simple.

Potential Sponsor Partners

As a Giver you can elect to receive up to 100 matches for your subscription.  Better yet, you can modify your Profile at any time to create new search criteria and find new matches.

There is no budget limit to your sponsorship programme with Stemdom.  We are a matching service that finds incredible Aussie’s and present to you.  Who knows what and who you will discover.

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