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Search sponsorship opportunities anonymously....

Creating a competitive advantage through sponsorship partnerships is now simple.  The secret is the highly targeted search system which allows a Giver (you; an entity with sponsorship resources to share) to discreetly determine your criteria for a sponsor partner match.  Then let our system do all the hard work. This allows you to allocate your time to the sponsorship partnership impact, not the painful search.

Meet the brands changing the sponsorship paradigm:

Sponsology for the charity, not-for-profit (NFP) and trade associations;

Champific for all sports athletes, teams and clubs;

Bestowly for all creatives;

Stemdom for science, tech, innovation, education, environment and human advancement

To truly gain an edge in a sponsorship you need to have an alignment of inputs and outcomes from your sponsor partner.  If your brand is to be associated with another entity’s brand, you need to ensure that you are complementary. Sponsorship opportunities are often the last marketing strategy explored as traditionally it is hardest to find an ideal partner and measurable ROI.

Until now.  

Sponsology, Champific, Bestowly and Stemdom represent the four incredible communities that a Giver like you can search for unique marketing opportunities.  The sponsor-matching service allows you to filter, locate, target a new audience, re-position your brand, tap into a new consumer audience, increase your brand’s lifestyle connection, make a serious social impact, improve an Australian’s quality of life,  commercialise an innovative prototype, invest in your local community and so much more with the sponsor-matching search criteria you create.

Partner collaborations, brand alignment, social enterprise and corporate social responsibility are all ‘sponsorship’ strategies within our communities.  We are aware there are many incredible Aussie Givers, those entities who have resources and want to invest into new opportunities, have identified two big barriers to sponsor investment – the pain of the search and inundation of generic and misaligned requests for sponsorship.

Sponsology, Champific, Bestowly and Stemdom tackle these issues head-on and have revolutionised the system to find your next big sponsorship partner.  The process for both a Giver and Seeker (those wanting to receive sponsor investment) is now efficient. Simply fill in your profile, determine where, when, who, how and what you require in a sponsor programme and then sit back and wait for the match.


The anonymity allows both parties to strategically define what you want to find in a partner.  Only once there is a highly targeted match will you be alerted. This is within the discreet system platform and when you are ready to go offline and share your details to progress a potential deal, this is at your own discretion.

For a generous Giver, you can create bold media campaigns informing the market that you have a big sponsorship budget you want to share. Then direct all potential seeker partners to Sponsology, Champific, Bestowly or Stemdom. If they are matched, then you will get in touch.  No unsolicited and generic proposals jamming your inbox and mail room.

We are sponsorship re-imagined.  We know that we can unlock your sponsorship investment through our powerful matching system.  Best of all, you can search for potential sponsorship opportunities anonymously.  Only once you are matched, do you need to share your details and start to communicate. There are no commitments to a deal in Sponsology, Champific, Bestowly and Stemdom.  So reallocate your sponsorship budget and start to get very excited with the impact you can create.

Sponsology, Champific, Bestowly and Stemdom are Australia’s leading sponsor matching B2B systems.  Simply fill in your profile then sit back and wait for a match.  If there is an aligned opportunity, you will be introduced.

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