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There are times for Sponsorship but then there are times for Partnerships!

If you’re a member-based organisation like an Association or other Not for Profit, do you know when that is?

The Sponsorship Brokers has a unique understanding of both sides of this question. We have built a strong network that we call our Preferred Partner Network. These businesses have a clear understanding of what they can offer Associations or Not for Profits to build long term partnerships that deliver strong member benefits whilst driving a strong revenue stream.

Through our Discover – Engage – Deliver method, we facilitate the whole process to engage the right business partner.

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Discover - Engage - Deliver

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Business Meeting



Industries we can find potential partnership opportunities include science, technology, education, arts and creativity, sports - athletes, clubs and events and the charities and not-for-profit sectors.

We are official partners of Sponsology, Stemdom, Bestowly and Champific – Australia’s leading online matching platforms designed to tap into incredible and undiscovered local entities.

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We exist to assist you find the right strategic match. Depending on your Australian growth goals, we can assist you to create a competitive edge, increase your brand exposure, locate innovative R&D opportunities, tap into local innovation, secure naming rights, or align your brand with leading Australians, just to name a few ideas. 



Target who you want to align with, what you have to offer to a potential Australian partner and where you want your brand to be seen.  We identify unique opportunities that can achieve your organisational goals for the Australian market.  We conduct due diligence and negotiate deal terms before your execution of a partnership or sponsorship agreement.

Working Together


There is a saying - if nothing changes then nothing will change! 

In the Association and Not for Profit sector the need for revenue hasn't changed and for most, the way they try to get it hasn't changed!

Well our business is all about looking at this differently. We have built a strong Preferred Partner Network (PPN) that turns this process on its head.

What if you could have a review of your Association and be introduced to business partners - at no cost!

Our team of experts is ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future. Give us a call today to set up your first consultation.



Contact us and find out how our complimentary discovery services can benefit your company.

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